Who we are ...

The Saint Helena National Trust is responsible for the protection, enhancement and promotion of St Helena’s unique environmental and cultural heritage. The Trust is working to conserve threatened endemic species such as the Gumwood and the Wirebird, and to restore the native habitats of St Helena. The Trust is developing improved tourism and recreational facilities, including a new visitor centre at the Millennium Forest and a new access route to the Heart Shape Waterfall. We also raise awareness and engage the local population in practical conservation.

Saint Helena is currently suffering from severe depopulation due to the island’s remoteness, poor access and lack of economic opportunities – 20% of the population has left the island since 1990. In order to slow the emigration of predominantly young people the Trust is developing training programmes that will give young people accredited skills in conservation of the built and natural environment. The Trust is also working with its partners to create a greater range of job opportunities in the environmental sector. Without this it will become increasingly difficult to retain the personnel needed to conserve the island.

The Saint Helena National Trust will be a partner on the project. We will share our experiences of trying to conserve the environment in a remote location, and seek to learn new techniques and skill sets from the other partners.



St Helena National Trust
PO Box 113
Broadway House
Island of St Helena, STHL 1ZZ
South Altantic Ocean
Tel.: ++ 290 2190

The project was funded from a Leonardo da Vinci grant.
The project started in 2010 and was finished in 2012.