Who we are ...

Natuurmonumenten was founded in 1905 by the two founding fathers of nature conservation in the Netherlands, Jac. P. Thijsse and Eli Heijmans. Their aim was to improve the quality of life in the Netherlands by preserving nature, landscape and cultural history. Over the last century, the society has continued this work through its permanent staff and volunteers. By acquiring natural areas, the society can protect animals and plants which are native to this country and enable people to enjoy the countryside by providing footpaths, cycle paths, observation points and excursions. Natuurmonumenten is an NGO with 882,000 members, run by a management team, board and a member’s council.

As a result of its acquisition policy, Natuurmonumenten now manages and protects 101,066 hectares distributed over 345 areas in the Netherlands. In order to further develop the ecological infrastructure, Natuurmonumenten recognises the importance of working together with other conservation organisations. This will make it possible to create a national ecological network, which is a series of interlinked nature areas, thus expanding the area available for animals and plants.

Natuurmonumenten's role in this project was to develop training programmes and toolkits for their own staff and volunteers, and to provide expert advise on the development and implementation of training programmes and toolkits for other partner organisations (Natuurmonumenten has particular expertise in grassland and heathland management).



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The project was funded from a Leonardo da Vinci grant.
The project started in 2010 and was finished in 2012.