Partnership Lifecyle


Project Objectives

The five key objectives of the partnership were as follows:

The approach the partnership took to achieving these objectives was by exchanging information and experience, via three face-to-face partner meetings and 18 teleconference meetings, joint development of a partnership website and associated communication strategy and a programme of nine field study visits to each of the four European host partner countries.

Expected Impact

This partnership is expected to help improve the professional skills and knowledge of conservation staff and volunteers from all five of the organisations directly involved in this project. With more than 370 years of nature conservation experience, approximately five million members, over 6 000 staff and more than 90 000 volunteers between them, the potential to raise standards, knowledge and competencies in vocational education and training for staff and volunteers in the field of nature conservation both within and beyond the boundaries of these five organisations is immense.

The project was funded from a Leonardo da Vinci grant.
The project started in 2010 and was finished in 2012.