The National Trust C-Strategy (i)

The National Trustís approach to carbon ...

Rob Jarman, Director of Sustainability for the National Trust, presented the 'The National Trust’s approach to carbon stewardship and sustainability'. He pointed out that the National Trust believes in Sustainability, rather than Sustainable Development which depends on growth.

He declared: 'We support One-Planet living. Carbon Stewardship is a major aspect of sustainablilty. We are working to reduce our use of fossil fuels, to waste less, to ‘grow our own’ food and timber and energy and water, to use renewable materials, to husband our soils, and to revitalise our wetlands and peatlands. Our carbon emissions derive from our use of fossil fuel-derived energy and materials; from our building management, and from our land management. These have been roughly quantified, but are diverse in nature and scale, and vary from region to region. Our carbon resources lie in our land – peats, other soils, woodlands, ancient trees and biomass – in the historic environment as well as in the natural environment; and in our buildings and artefacts.'

The Trust has been running a wide range of practical and innovative projects to reduce carbon emissions and improve the state of our carbon resources. These include:

The National Trust’s concepts of self reliance are:

The project was funded from a Leonardo da Vinci grant.
The project started in 2010 and was finished in 2012.